Thursday, 8 July 2010

APEX 4.0 - New Dynamic Action Sample Application

In Application Express 4.0, we have introduced a new feature called 'Dynamic Actions', which enables you to define client-side behaviour declaratively in APEX. In order to try and help people gain understanding in some of the possibilities this feature offers, I have created a new dynamic action sample application featuring many different examples of both native and plug-in dynamic actions.
  • You can access this application online here.
  • Alternatively, you can download this application and install it in your own workspace, which I would recommend so you can really see what's going on. Download here.

Please note: Currently the drag and drop example doesn't work in IE, I will try and fix this up when I have time.

Useful Links:
  • To sign up for a free workspace and try out APEX 4.0 for yourself, please click here.
  • To learn more about this and other new features in Oracle Application Express 4.0, please visit our New Features page.
  • Dynamic action official documentation
  • To follow the Oracle Dynamic Actions OBE, which offers an excellent starting point, click here.

I welcome any feedback you may have and will try and blog some more about some of the specific examples when I can.



Stew said...


Thanks so much for creating this sample application. I think it will help a lot of people wrap their heads around this great feature.

Plus, your examples are beautiful, models of clarity and I really like the color scheme/theme you used. You've also created some nice actions that I'm sure many will want to implement in some form. It really makes it a pleasure to use this sample application.

I did notice a minor issue on the Hide/Show example. The Information says ... If it is equal to 'SALESMAN' the 'Commission' page item and it's label are shown.

Actually, both Commission and Salary are hidden/shown.

Håvard Kristiansen said...

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for putting this together, great work!

I get access denied when trying to download the application. It works fine if I am logged in as guest first. (this hasty thing all over again? :-))


Anthony Rayner said...

Thanks for the feedback and for the pointer to the 'Information' error, I've corrected this. By the way, the theme is pretty much the standard theme 11 'Green', I think I had to make a minor tweak to a report template for the drag and drop example, but that was about all.

No worries! Indeed, more haste is required!! :-) I've updated the link which should now work.


Denes Kubicek said...


great examples. This is what I was looking for.


Denes Kubicek

Anthony Rayner said...

Thanks Denes,

Glad you liked it!!


Mickey said...

Hi Anthony,

I have dowloaded your excellent sample application and reviewed the various methods. I have been looking for something to replace the cumbersome AJAX code to allow me to dynamically update the values of items based on the selection of an item from a drop down and along comes Set Value(SQL) which is great. My question though, is how can I do it for multiple items? I have tried in the app below but I must be missing something small:

I have modified the Affected Elements to add in both P2_PART_NUMEBR and P2_DESCR but all I get is the value for PART_NUMEBR in both fields.



Anthony Rayner said...

Hi Mickey,

I have replied to your corresponding thread on the OTN forums:

Thanks for the feedback!!

Edward said...


thank you for your sample application

Edward said...

Hi Anthony,

I couldn't install Dynamic Action Sample Application on my server via builder. It seems supporting objects were not created properly, no errors/warings during installation. But there were no problems instaling it on
Both have the latest 4.0.1 version and the only difference I can assume yet is that my 'local' development workspace has several schemas assigned to it with one I have especially created for your application. Any thoughts how to debug this? Thanks.

Tobias said...

Hi Anthony,

have you had a chance to check why the drag and drop example doesn't work correctly in IE?

Great work on the sample application by the way, very helpful.


Señor Foodblog said...


Your demo is fantastic.
I downloaded it and added it to my schema. I am now getting a logon error. Invalid Login Credentials

Please advise.

Anthony Rayner said...

Hi Edward, Tobias and Señor Foodblog!

Firstly apologies about the delay in responding to you all and I understand you may no longer need answers to these questions, but just in case you do!

I don't think there should be an issue with several schemas assigned to the workspace. Some quick background; the only object created in my supporting objects script is a function 'getCommission' used by the 'Set Value (PL/SQL)' and 'Slider Plug-In Integration' examples. I do not create any other objects here and therefore assume that your application's parsing schema already contains the standard EMP and DEPT populated tables. Does your schema have these tables in it? Perhaps that's the issue, if not and you're still having trouble, please let me know.

Thanks for the feedback. I had a look at this and had partial success on a local instance. This was with a combination of upgrading to jQuery UI 1.8.7 and running IE 8 in IE 8 Standards Mode. IE 8 in IE 7 Standards Mode did not work). I did not test any other versions of IE. Did you have a look at this as well?

Señor Foodblog:
The message on the login page (to use guest / 123456 credentials) is misleading if you install the application locally. The application is set to use your workspace authentication, so just login with your workspace username and password and you should be all good.

Hope this helps.